There is no pain if enough oxygen and nutrition are provided in our body

The reason we have a pain in some place in our body is that there is not enough oxygen and nutrition in that spot. There could be some blockage in that area. When we remove that blockage through better blood circulation, oxygen and nutrition will be delivered and pain will be relieved. Human beings have bioenergetic systems. Pain or illness results when the energy balance is disturbed.

Old sages call this system Qi (energy) and Blood. When Qi and blood are in balance, human beings can keep good health without any discomforts, pains and diseases. Chinese and Oriental medicine treatment can correct energy imbalance by encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.


What causes these imbalances?

There are only three causes: exterior, interior and one that doesn’t belong to exterior or interior. Exterior causes relate to seasonal factors. These are wind, heat, cold, dampness and dryness. There can be only one factor or several factors combined.

Interior causes are anger (depression), fear (terror), joy (excitement), thinking too much, sadness (grief, melancholy), worry and shock (fright). Western medicine just calls these “stress”. These seven emotional factors cause stress.

These two known factors (exterior and interior causes) give Chinese medicine treatment a great advantage in diagnosing symptoms and determining treatment principles.

Patients’ manifestations are different depending on the causes.  These external and internal combinations make pathology very complicated; an acupuncture treatment is well positioned to discern the differences.

Miscellaneous pathogenic factors are irregular or improper food intake, overexertion, excessive sexual activity, pollution, etc. For traumatic injuries, including surgery, parasites, viruses and poisons, it is better to seek Western medical treatment.

Oriental medicine practitioners can give patients good advice on how to take care of improper food intake. There are good or bad foods for the body depending on the constitution of the individual.