Nasal Congestion (Stuffy Nose)


There are so many causes for stuffy nose such as rhinitis, common cold, nasal polyps, sinus infections (sinusitis), spring allergy, COPD and etc. by western diagnoses. 

All these may be true. But these don’t explain what the original cause is. The real cause is DAMPNESS. 

If you are not familiar with oriental theory, the definition of dampness is not clear to most people. While you take warm shower, the bathroom is filled with water vapor like fog. This is dampness. Human body needs dampness in order to move Qi smoothly. But too much or little is not good for the body. 

It is too much dampness in this case. It is clear water vaper in the beginning. Some experience water dripping in the nose. This is an accumulation of water vaper meaning mucus. 

If this is not treated on time, dampness changes into thicker mucus. This is clear color in the beginning: white phlegm. As time passes by, the color will be changed into darker. If not treated, the color will be changed into yellow: yellow phlegm. Some may observe green or black phlegm meaning bad condition. Some observe or experience blood with phlegm.

Stuffy nose means dampness, mucus, all kinds of phlegm stays around nose: nasal cavity. Most treatments are concentrated into drying them. This is the first important procedure, but one thing is missing. 

Where is dampness coming from? We have to remove the real cause. According to oriental theory, spleen governs dampness. This means spleen produces dampness and stores it in the lung. The definition of lung includes nose, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. Therefore we should treat spleen function to control dampness. This is the second important procedure.

I have seen many patients who had a surgery as diagnosed by deviated: nasal septum. This is not the cause for nasal congestion. If anyone is advised for a surgery, I highly recommend my treatments before you decide a surgery.


  • Acupuncture 

Some experience clearing stuffy nose while acupuncture sessions. This happens really a lot. Here is an example.

One patient had a surgery as she was told her nostril is not straight: deviated. She still experience stuffy nose while she took antibiotics. She called me up whether acupuncture can help for stuffy nose. The answer was “Of course”. While she was on the table with needles, one side was completely cleared up and the other side was half cleared up. Her stuffy nose was gone with couple of sessions of acupuncture.

  • HERB

If symptoms have lasted for a long time, we suggest taking HERB. It is common that patients have stuffy nose, but also poor digestion, thinking too much or worry for everything with emotional issues. Of course this patient must need acupuncture treatments together. When combined with acupuncture and herb, it is for best improvements and results.