Drooling is usually caused uncontrollably by excess saliva in the mouth. Medical conditions such as acid reflux and pregnancy can increase saliva production. Allergies, tumors, and above-the-neck infections such as strep throat, tonsil infection, and sinusitis can all impair swallowing.

Best Solution

1.    Treat original cause: excessive saliva.

2.    Make muscle of corner lips stronger and tight.

3.    Bell’s palsy or stroke may drool from one side. We have to treat these symptoms and drooling would be reduced gradually as the condition improves.

Avoid Botox

This is not a good idea at all. Just don’t think about it.

Case 1

Corner of lips was white color due to dried saliva.

According to acupuncture meridian theory, upper and lower lips are connected with stomach and large intestine.

Saliva is related with spleen function.

After one session, there is no more saliva leftover.

Case 2

A public speaker experiences saliva comes out from corners of lips while talking. He wipes out saliva by fingers while talking not to show to others. Saliva may be shown on corners without wiping. This makes this speaker look funny.

Excessive saliva means abnormal spleen function according to TCM.

A few acupuncture sessions and herb stop drooling.