Guarantee on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)


Normal blood pressure is 120(systolic)/80(diastolic). High blood pressure that is above normal number increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Our clinic guarantees to lower the systolic blood pressure as follows:

  • Under 150 - We will bring down less than 120.
  • Over 150 - We will bring down by 20% of systolic number. This means 200 will come down to under 160.

This guarantee would be accomplished within one month. The patient takes 12 sessions of acupuncture treatments and herb during one month period. If not accomplished as promised, we provide additional one more month on us meaning one month free treatments. If not accomplished within 2 months, we will pay back your payment.

What is happening on this issue?

  • About a few years ago while seeing a TV program; an MD explained the reason why hypertension patients must take medicine until the death, as we do not know the cause of 90% of hypertension cases; taking pills is to prevent hypertension before it happens. Do patients have to follow this unusual advice blindly?  
  • I watched other TV program that divided MDs into two groups; one is for and other is against taking medicines for life. One pro group was for as they take pills personally. The other con group saw no need to take it. I was surprised in hearing this, so I watched carefully. He who is a con was a specialist on a stroke or cerebral hemorrhage. He asked stroke patients “Did you take high blood pressure medication?” They answered they took it regularly without skipping a day. He heard this statement so many times. He now believes taking these pills do not guarantee preventing a stroke. Therefore he opposes taking pills until the death.

Experience as an Acupuncturist

After some patients whose pressure is over 180/110 (I suggest seeing MD for temporary relief if over 180), get oriental treatments, the pressure comes down to normal range or below 140/90. I have experienced this so many times, but I can’t explain it scientifically in the early career.

"I have seen so many times on TV about clogged blood vessels full of fat. Even though I correct or drop the blood pressure, I can’t imagine that all fats are removed in the blood vessels. I can tell all these images are extremely misleading."

Common causes of Hypertension

First Cause: narrowed blood vessel

While we get older, cholesterol or other fatty substances would be accumulated on the inner wall of blood vessels. This cross-sectional area of the vessel is gradually narrowed. Let us assume total amount of blood is constant (100) on any age of the young or old and the heart works like a pump.

According to Bernoulli's equation:

Amount of blood = sectional area of blood vessel X speed

Let us assume here is one 30 years old man. Total amount of blood is 100. Area is 2. We can calculate velocity as 50.

The man becomes 70 years old. Total amount of blood is 100. Area narrowed becomes 1. So the velocity is 100.

While blood vessels get narrowed, heart pressure will be increased in order to send blood speed from 50 to 100. This is a main reason of blood pressure becoming higher when we get older.


When we are 30 years old, we do have black hairs (blonde), no wrinkles on forehead and good vision of eyes. Assuming blood pressure is lowered and becomes normal in seventies; let me ask you three simple questions. 

  • Is hairs turned into black again?
  • Will wrinkles on forehead be disappeared without Botox? 
  • Is my vision improved without wearing glasses? 

Of course all three answers are “NO”. Here is another question. Why do we emphasize only blood pressure?  

Second Cause: external pain

The pressure at the heart includes the pressure of capillaries but also the aorta of the heart. This means if capillaries are blocked, the heart works hard to break the clogging of capillaries and the pressure of the heart increases accordingly.

Therefore the blood pressure means the pressure to send the blood from the heart to capillaries. This is my definition

When capillaries are blocked at the skin; the external part of the body, we feel the pain. The definition of the pain is that the supply of oxygen and nutrition is not provided properly to the pain area. The pain disappears if we remove the blockage.

For example there are many testimonies such as calf pain disappears after massages and the blood pressure is also down. I have so many experiences of lowered blood pressure after improvements from the pain of lower back or shoulder. All these happen after removing the blockage of capillaries; pain is gone and blood pressure also down. We can say now that PAIN IS THE SECOND CAUSE.

Third Cause: Blockage of Zhang Fu Organs

Now it is a time to reveal the cause of hypertension even though no external pain. Lots of nervous systems in skin work in preparation for the invasion against external impacts and insects bites etc. It is believed that the nervous systems of the innner body have far less compared to outside the body. For example it may be possible and easy to find the organ disease, on liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney if there are same nervous systems like in the skin. However as there are less nervous systems, we are not able to find the early stage detection.

I believe all the above organs have capillaries. External clogging may be easily detectable, but inner clogging is not easy to find because there are less nerves inside. So it is difficult to find it. When found, the disease must be in quite an advanced stage on most cases.

Western medicines try to find the degree of atherosclerosis with carotid by ultrasound or MRA. Cardiovascular ultrasound or angiography is used in abnormal case of electrocardiogram. Sometimes all these may fail to find the reason of hypertension. It happens often that patients have almost no symptom with even 70% blockage of carotid. This means even though organs are damaged or clogged by 70%, it may be possible that all medical tests show nothing is wrong. 


1. Diuretic

Some people have hypertension without eating salty or sweet foods. A diuretic so called water pill is used on this case, in general. 75% of blood is water. Let us assume diuretics pull out the water of 10 from the blood. The blood volume becomes 90. The burden of the heart is less and the blood pressure falls down as the heart pumps only 90 instead of 100. 

If we eat salty foods, the body will retain more water to dilute the salt. Total amount of blood will be assumed as 110. More power will be need to pass through with 110 instead of 100 on the narrowing condition. That’s why MDs recommend not taking salty foods. Does this make sense to you? The answer is sometimes, but not always. 

Many believe only salty foods increase the amount of blood, but sugar and alcohol also are contributing factors as it is necessary to retain water to dilute them. This fact is unfair to salty foods. I can tell you confidently that I've tried sugar and alcohol to experiment on my body and verified the above facts personally. 

My argument on diuretic

Let assume there is a stream. If there is heavy rain, stream is filled with water. Deeper water and strong stream will wash away sands and pebbles even rocks from the bed. If water becomes less, shallow stream will lose in speed. Flowing sands may sink down to the bed.

After or while taking diuretic, blood amount will be less. This can be compared with shallow stream of the above example. Any fat or cholesterol will be sunk down in the blood vessel making blood vessel further narrowed. If the problem is due to narrowed blood vessel, diuretic will make worse. 

As the problem is narrowed blood vessels, it is essential to make blood vessel wider instead of adjusting high BP number to lower number. That’s why I believe that diuretic is not a good choice.

2. Blood thinner

When MDs prescribe diuretic, they believe hypertension is solved once and for all. But the time passes by that they found the blood becomes thicker as the water is released or drained out artificially. Blood thinner may be required for preventing clogging the blood. Honestly speaking blood thinner is doing the function of anticoagulation, not blood thinner.

If blood becomes thicker causing thick viscosity, the friction will be increased on the inner wall of vessel. This will increase the blood pressure. What an irony! Patients take diuretic to lower in blood pressure, but the time passes by creating another side effect.  

3. Beta Blocker

Kidney and urinary bladder become tired as they work harder to release extra water. More blood and oxygen have to be sent into kidney and bladder to help fatigue on them. When the heart pumps more blood into the kidney, blood pressure climbs again. When the condition becomes worse, diuretic drugs as well as blood thinner are not going to work any longer. 

The new way must be engaged in order to control high blood pressure. They found the reason for this; kidney and urinary bladder send signals into the brain. The brain sends a signal into the heart to pump more blood into kidneys. The choice is to block the signals sent to the brain from kidneys. This is one of functions of beta blocker. 

Even though the blood pressure becomes normal, the kidney condition becomes worse. As long as patients take these drugs, kidney function will be decreased. Kidney must work harder, even though they become so tired. The condition of kidney is getting worse. This is one of reasons that kidney dialysis increases. All these medicines are contributing hypertension patients send to kidney dialysis center. 

4. Taking less salt

We heard a lot not to take too much salt to prevent hypertension. Most people believe this is true and a golden rule.

I disagree with this theory. Hypertension is just one symptom of tremendous medical symptoms. It is useless and harmful without considering other factors and facts. Human body needs in balance. It is not wise creating other problems to solve so called normal blood pressure number alone. 

Low sodium consumption will cause many other problems in the near future.

  • When we get older, human body has a tendency to decay. Body needs salt not to be decayed. Cancer is a kind of form of decay for example. 
  • When we get older, body temperature has a tendency to lower. Salt can act to raise the body temperature. There are many studies that raising body temperature increases immune system. 
  • Kidney capillaries would be blocked gradually due to waste matter such as minerals, cholesterol, and phlegm etc.: think about water purifier. What is the effective way to remove the above? The answer is MORE WATER, not stagnant one but flowing fast and strong. Dirty sponge can be cleaned with lots of clean water. 

Therefore limiting less salt may create more blockage as there is less water in the body. 

Better explanation with Tree Roots

Most trees die within 100 years. What is the mechanism of trees dying? Trees have thick roots, small roots connected to thick roots and very fine roots. While the very fine roots suck water, minerals and soil move a tiny little bit accordingly. Lime or calcium moves and deposits around fine roots and turns into hard soil. Roots are unable to absorb water and trees will dry up and die. 

The blood vessels of the human body are also similar to the structure of the tree. The blood vessels become smaller in size as aorta, arterioles, and capillaries in order as distant from the heart. Capillaries do the same function as coarse roots; more clogging happens on capillaries. 

Cortical and arcuate blood vessels are examples on kidneys: Glomeruli of the kidney.

It is important to take what kind of quality salt we have to take, not on quantity. Most salts on the market are not good salts that are harmful for body. 

Original purpose of taking hypertension medicine: To prevent stroke

I mentioned this in the beginning that some MD believes it is not necessary to take medicines to prevent stroke. Medical society understood only cerebral hemorrhage causes stroke: effusion of blood on the brain in 1970. 

Medical society found there are two kinds of strokes in recent years: cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. 

I believe western medicines help to prevent cerebral hemorrhage, but these medicines may cause more cerebral infarctions.

This is my assumption. Patients may experience stroke on half with hemorrhage and half with infarction without medicines. New studies show pattern of strokes as 90% stroke patients are from infarction and 10% are from hemorrhage. This means medicines just change patterns, but does not decrease stroke patients. 

Assuming there are data in 1970 such as population, percentage of stroke patients, hemorrhage and infarction, we can compare same data in 2018. 

What I understand we may find these data since 1992. There is no study to compare data for past and present. Some industry doesn’t want to compare these data.

Principles of Oriental Treatment

Meanwhile, oriental medicine treats by patient’s symptom or condition and the concept of meridian. 

True Solution: We need to understand the following to find a solution. I am going to ask a question. Warm fire goes up from bottom to top. Water comes down from top to bottom. Is that correct? Yes, it is true, but this is a microscopic fact.

Can you believe that warm fire comes down from top to bottom and water goes up from bottom to top? Yes, this is also true. When you understand this, you will understand Traditional Oriental Medicine and appreciate it. This is a macroscopic fact.

The biggest source of fire comes from the sun. The sun is on the sky. You understand now why warm fire comes down from top. The sun warms the sea as well as the ground. The sea water rises up as a vapor at the sea. This creates clouds, but sometimes hurricane or typhoon. Now you understand this theory.

The Human Body is a Microcosm

The above process takes place by the same way in the human body. This concept is commonly called by a microcosm. Heart has the role of the sun and kidney has the role of the sea. The heat in the body has a tendency to rise up. If this continues, the heat becomes warmer and warmer. How can we extinguish the fire? The answer is sending up the water. This can be done by kidneys representing water. Hypertension can be controlled by this better kidney function and activation.  

When we get older, the amount of water in the blood becomes less. One reason is by kidney atrophy. The smaller the kidney is in size, the amount of water that kidneys handle will be decreased. 

Here is one example. If the blood with less water circulates into the face, the face gets less supply of water causing wrinkles. This is the main reason for wrinkles; not less with a fat or not by ultra violet.

While the water gets less in the blood vessels, the blood becomes thick and muddy. The viscosity increases accordingly. The higher the viscosity becomes, more friction in the blood vessel causing higher pressure.  This will also be the cause of high blood pressure. As I mention diuretic before, diuretic will make this process worse. 

If kidneys are able to handle water more effectively, it catches two birds with one stone. However most do not understand this method. This is the charm of oriental medicine.

How can we achieve to treat hypertension and eliminate wrinkles at the same time? The answer is to provide more water into the blood vessels. What can we do? Drinking more water? 

The answer may be easy. The reality is not that simple. This causes more frequent urination in the reality. The idea of just drinking water is not the fundamental solution. A similar example is to recommend drinking more water for constipation, but the reality is the frequent urination. 

Explanation of Qi and Blood

The boat sails on the water. The best method is to use the wind. If the wind blows with the flow, the boat moves well. However even there is a wind, but no water, the boat doesn’t move.

The wind is Qi (energy) and the water is Blood. If the wind blows toward the destination, this is the best condition. The concept of meridian is to make the optimal condition.

Meridians are the same conception of a stream. If there is lots of water with a high velocity in the stream, the water flow makes sands move. But if there is less water with a low velocity, sands start to accumulate in the bottom. Acupuncture treatments are to help the blood circulation to flow faster; this clears the blockage.  

Conclusion and Guarantee

If we know the real cause, we may find the answer easily. The cause of hypertension begins from capillaries, and not from the artery. The hypertension is caused from blockage of capillaries; removing the clogging in capillaries is the first thing to do to lower the high number.

  • Acupuncture sessions: You need 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks totaling 12 acupuncture sessions. Each session is in the interval of two or three days. If appropriate blood pressure is achieved earlier, patient has the right to stop treatments before 12 sessions.
  • Herbal drinks: We provide one month supply depending on individual conditions. Patients drink two bags of herb per day.
  • Exercise : We will show how to exercise in the morning to prevent stroke as most strokes happen in the morning.
  • Broomstick: Every house has a broomstick. We believe this is very important tool to lower the high blood pressure. You have to know how to use it. Of course we will show you how to do it.

We emphasize again we will lower high blood pressure within one month. If not achieved as promised, we will provide one month free service. Herb is not included in the second month. If still not achieved after second month, we will pay back your payment. Is there any better deal like this?

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