Ankle pain



Ankle injuries refer to the kinds of injury that occur during sports or exercise or even from a misstep. While it is possible to injure any part of the body when playing sports, most injuries are of the musculoskeletal system.

Sprains: tears to the ligaments that join the ends of bones together.
Strains: pulls or tears of muscles or tendons (the tissues that attach the muscles to the bones)

Some uses icepack on acute ankle pain, but I disagree. It should not be used unless clear redness is observed. I suggest something every home has in the refrigerator. Dislocation of joints or fracture in bones is beyond the scope of the acupuncture field. You have to see orthopedics.


If ankle pain is not acute, this must be chronic. We have to consider other factors: such as Dampness, Wind, Qi and Blood deficiency, Blood Stasis, Poor Essence etc.

Chronic injuries usually result from the overuse of one area of the body over a period of time. Symptoms of chronic injuries include soreness, dull aching pain, and pain during participation in physical activity. This happens mostly due to blood stasis. When we press this area to find the exact location, the patient sometimes screams because the pain is so severe. Chronic injuries take longer to treat than acute injuries. Blood stasis means a kind of blood clots accumulate in a certain area. 

Overweight is another factor to be considered.

We try to invigorate the blood by acupuncture and herb.