Advantages at Answers with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is less expensive than western medicine. Finding the cause of your illness and treating you can cost much less. An acupuncture diagnosis does not require expensive examinations such as blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and special tests. When diagnosing you, acupuncturists observe, ask, listen, and feel your pulsation & diagnose your tongue. This kind of acupuncture diagnosis saves money and time.

Acupuncture is very effective at controlling any kind of pain. Most acute pains, like headache, neck & shoulder pain, arm related pain, lower back pain, and ankle pain, can be cured within three treatments. Chronic pain requires a longer time than acute pain, and it may take two to four times longer depending on the duration of your chronic pain.

Acupuncture and herb treatment has fewer side effects than western treatment because acupuncture uses natural methods. Most medicines are from chemicals, but our acupuncture and herbal treatments are all natural. We human beings come from nature. Our body cells understand natural herbs better than chemicals. When our cells are faced with chemicals, they are confused how to handle them. I believe this is the cause of side effects.

Everyone is naturally born with weak and strong organs according to a famous Korean practitioner. The principle of acupuncture is to make a balance between weak and strong organs by using tonification and sedation.

Western medicine is like spear attacking disease and eastern medicine is like a shield defending the body by building a strong immune system. When patients get surgery or chemical treatments with western medicine, our acupuncture and herbal treatments often reduce side effects and reduce the recovery period substantially.

With acupuncture, and especially with Korean Four Needle Acupuncture, it is possible to successfully treat cases that are difficult to treat with western medicine. Sometimes a patient has pains and other symptoms, and western medicine cannot find the cause, so the western doctor only treats the symptom. We can find the original cause of illness as we look at the inter relation and balance or imbalance between organs. Believe me, this is very important concept that can handle unsolved cases.

Many think all acupuncturists are equal, but is this true? Maybe not. Do you know the difference between managers? Some are good and some are excellent. When they have written tests, their scores are almost the same. This means no difference in knowledge. However the real difference shows up when important decisions are required in a split second. This ability to make the correct split second decision may be an instinct. This principle will apply to the acupuncture field. I do believe that I have the healing instinct, making possible for me to do what helps my patients heal faster while other don’t notice.

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