Olfactory disorder (Difficult Smelling)

Some experience no smelling.


Western medicine explains there are more cases with Alzheimer disease or Parkinson. This is extreme cause. Better off not to think about this way.

It is true that old people has a difficulty to smell. But most don’t have trembling arms that is Parkinson disease. They also remember most facts even though they may forget sometimes or difficult to bring out old memory.

Some patients told me MD said it is by deviated nose and advised a surgery. This is absurd and doesn’t make any sense. If you hear this kind of advice, you have to run away. 

This can be treated by acupuncture if they used to smell well while they are young. This happens when poor blood circulation around nose.

Please call and make an appointment. You may recover smell disorder, but also lots of other symptoms such as pain and age related issues.